'Murmuration’ Exhibition by Artist Katherine Kean at Santa Monica’s TAG Gallery

Murmuration: 1) an instance of low, continuous sound, as of a stream, wind, or soft voices. 2) A flock of starlings. 3)
Contemporary artist Katherine Kean’s latest body of work exploring the kinetic character of birds and nature.

“At a particular time at the end of the day birds gather in large numbers and swoop back and forth across the sky,
emerging from the dusk like a dark cloud and creating elegant patterns against the fading light. How and why they
do this is a mystery, but whatever the reason this behavior is compelling to observe as individual birds disappear
into the whole and become part of something larger.”

Extending the idea and organization of flocking birds, many of the paintings in this exhibition also form parts of a
whole. Among the paintings are two triptychs, a two piece modular painting, and a series of small squares that can be
re-arranged to form various patterns of bird flight. To view a few additional examples of possible arrangements,

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Murmuration, or to obtain images from the series to publish with a
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K  A  T  H  E  R  I  N  E   K  E  A  N   M U R M U R A T I O N   
H O M E       I        A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T      I       P R E S S  R E L E A S E       I       B I O       I      C O N T A C T
Katherine Kean Fine Art    Tujunga, CA     91042     818-352-9547
Spooky Action at a Distance    © 2012
oil on linen triptych 48 x 126"