Passing Through - bare red brances. distant birds hazy blue sky - contemporary landscape painting by Katherine Kean
The curl of a cloud as it unfolds across the sky, or how the wind’
s energy traces the edge of a storm, whether turbulent or
tranquil, these paintings explore the natural forces that
surround us and shape our lives as they call to mind the
fluctuations of our experience within life’s larger patterns. Click
here to view all.
Still Places
A gathering of clouds, the falling light, a mounting wind; times
when the elements of the landscape may combine with the
alchemy of the imagination to illuminate the unseen world of
heightened mood and sensation. Click here to view entire
Little Gems
Small scale artwork you can put anywhere; on a table, a shelf, or a
tiny spot on the wall or they can be displayed on a tabletop easel.
They are easy to store, easy to pack, easy to ship - and very affordable
for collecting and gift giving.
Storm clouds, branches and wild grasses waving in the wind are
the starting point. These forms suggest something powerful and
enigmatic, peaceful and permanent, beautiful and unknowable
that underlies and animates all that lives. Click here to view
entire collection.
Katherine Kean - Paintings
A selection of sold paintings. Should you see something you like, consider
commissioning a custom variation created specifically for you.
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